Paintball in the forest

This attraction is provided in a charming forest near the Dębogóra Manor. It provides outdoor activities, lots of excitement and good fun.

Paintball participants are usually split into two groups in the forest – how the group is divided is up to them, or it is done randomly. Ideas for the scenario of each game are many, it all depends on the number of people and group preferences. Our instructor will provide all information, guide you around the terrain, set boundaries and specify the rules of the game. At the end of each game, participants go to the safe zone, where they recharge ammunition, clean masks and uniforms. After a while, they return to the game field, where another interesting scenario awaits them.

Each person receives a suitable outfit, a supply of balls and protective masks. The paintball game in the forest is reminiscent of stalking and military play, where participants share tasks, determine the tactics and strategy of the game.

After the game, we can organize a bonfire or a feast in the hall of the Dębogóra Manor.